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Caring for your NFC Business Cards

Caring for your NFC Business Cards

Welcome to our end-of-life guide for NFC business cards! At Kinect Card, we take pride in offering innovative and environmentally conscious products. As part of our ISO 14001 environmental managem...
NFC Business Card

Kinect Card X McGill and Partners

Why McGill and Partners chose Kinect Card
Contactless Business cards

What are contactless business cards?

Contactless business cards are a modern way of exchanging contact information between businesses and individuals. They use near field communication (NFC) technology to quickly and easily share cont...
NFC Business Card

Choosing the right NFC Business Card

As businesses move towards a NFC business card to exchanging information, PVC, bamboo and metal are emerging as popular materials for contactless business cards. These materials offer a variety of ...
ISO Certified NFC Business Cards

We are ISO Certified !

If you are looking for ISO certified NFC Business Cards you have come to the right place! Recently we have been working on implementing a business management system that allows us to effectively ma...
Digital Business Card

What resources do I need for Kinect?

Kinect Card is revolutionising how people connect with each other and exchange contact information. Changing to a digital business card provides a more efficient way to update and share your inform...