Contactless Business cards

What are contactless business cards?

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Contactless business cards are a modern way of exchanging contact information between businesses and individuals. They use near field communication (NFC) technology to quickly and easily share contact information without having to exchange physical cards. Kinect card also uses unique QR codes as a support method too. By tapping your card or scanning the QR code, you can display your Kinect card profile and share all of your contact information with the recipient.

These cards are becoming increasingly popular among large businesses, as they offer numerous benefits that can help them stay ahead in the competitive market. Not only do they reduce the costs associated with printing physical business cards, but they also make it easier for businesses to keep track of contacts and build relationships with potential customers. Furthermore, contactless business cards provide a secure way of exchanging contact information, making them an ideal choice for large businesses looking to protect their data.

Kinect Card offers a tailored teams solution for your business with our Kinect Enterprise platform. Kinect Enterprise acts as a central management dashboard, allowing you to manage all of your teams data to ensure synergy across your contactless business cards.

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