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Why McGill and Partners chose Kinect Card

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McGill and Partners is a leading insurance broker, headquartered in London, with a team of over 490 employees spread across multiple locations worldwide. The company’s global presence and high-touch customer engagement approach require effective communication tools.

Recently, the firm has implemented contactless business cards to streamline their communications with their audience with Kinect Card.

The Brief

With a large team spread in multiple locations McGill and Partners concluded that traditional business cards were becoming a thing of the past and wanted to modernise their approach by adopting a smarter alternative. Whilst implementing an NFC Business card with Kinect to their daily networking needs, McGill and Partners also saw an opportunity to be more sustainable, by cutting down on the ongoing printing associated with business cards as well as the international delivery. McGill and Partners also wanted to be able to update employee information in real-time saving on time, costs and resources that would have been incurred with traditional paper business cards.

Finally, they wanted to ensure that their new contactless business cards were true to their brand identity. Although they were changing how they connected with people, the brief was to ensure that the brand remained strong, trustworthy, and familiar.

The Solution

Kinect Card offered the Enterprise edition of their software. Kinect Enterprise acts as a central management dashboard for all the organisations business cards. The software allows McGill and Partners to manage employee information as and when required and customise the landing pages with their branding too. The platform also allows them to repurpose cards to different members of staff, ensuring that the opportunities for ROI are maximised.

Other Benefits

Other benefits included:

Custom Branded Cards- McGill and Partners were the very first client to opt for the White Bamboo Cards, custom printed with their design. We worked with Elaine Bramall, Group Head of Marketing to finalise the design brief and produce the cards to spec.

Analytics- as part of the platform, Kinect Enterprise also reports analytics with giving insights in to taps & enquiries, this is also a great way to measure how many paper cards you have saved on.

Results so far

McGill and Partners successfully deployed Kinect Card powered by the enterprise software, enabling them to share contact information with colleagues, clients, prospects quickly and easily. As the cards can be repurposed, edited, and reused up to 100 thousand times, the company has stepped away from printing paper business cards unnecessarily. This in turn reduced printing costs, time invested and distribution cost and management.

McGill and Partners now have over 150 employees networking with Kinect Card and established a scalable networking tool that is aligned with their sustainability goals and that aligns itself with their continued growth and success.

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