Learn About NFC & QR

the Technology

The technology used in NFC business cards is very familiar to us all. NFC powers things such as contactless payments and Apple Pay . At Kinect Card, we just slightly change the purpose of what your contactless business card is doing, rather thank making a payment, we are asking a device to open a weblink- your Kinect Card profile.

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Near Field Communication

How Kinect uses NFC...

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a communication method used between two devices, in our use case, this is between your business card and a mobile device. Kinect Card prompts a mobile device to open a weblink, this is your landing page that hosts all of your contact information, from here, the recipient simply clicks save as contact to download your contact details to their mobile device.

The QR code is back

This is how we use the QR code too!

As of recent years the QR code has made a come back and this is the reason why we use QR codes too! Simply put, not every mobile device has NFC technology, so a QR code can be scanned instead. The QR code printed on your Kinect Card is unique to that card, once scanned, the device will open the link to view your Kinect Card profile!

manage everything with our software

Our business card software

The Kinect Card software is perfect for all sized organisations. With it, you can control all of the information your contactless business cards display. Whether you need to update job titles, change marital names or even reassign cards from one person to another, it is all controlled by the Kinect Card software.