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Centralised management

With Kinect Enterprise, you can centrally manage your team's data. Meaning you are in full control at all times.

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repurpose Cards

Maximize your ROI and adapt to ever-evolving teams with Kinect Enterprise. Now, you can repurpose business cards from one person to another, allowing for efficient use of resources.

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Lead generation

Collect leads effortlessly with your custom lead form on the Kinect Card. Link it to your CRM system to gather leads and seamlessly sync them for further action.

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Analytics Dashboard

For the first time, gain insights into your team's networking efforts—a dream for marketers. Sit back and monitor the number of taps, leads, social engagement, and downloads your team is generating.

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Branded landing Pages

Customise your team's appearance with our Themes Editor. Design stunning landing pages that truly reflect your brand identity.

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Dynamic profiles

Take complete control of your profiles with our dynamic profile feature. Customize your data input based on your preferences. If there's a specific social media page you don't want to display, simply exclude it from your profile.

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Custom Links (Url's)

Elevate your business cards with a wide range of features. Add meeting links, Trustpilot reviews, subscriber forms, payment links, and much more to make your cards truly impactful and versatile.

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Multiple Locations

Simplify address management for your company with the Locations tool. This powerful tool reduces administrative tasks and enables you to efficiently manage team data, regardless of location. Streamline operations and keep your team connected with ease.

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smart business card
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Full control of your data

Kinect Enterprise allows you to centrally manage all of your employees cards on one portal. This enforces consistancy for all of your business cards.

repurpose Cards

With our teams platform, you can create employee profiles and assign them to cards. This allows you to reassign cards to other members of staff at anytime.

No minimum orders

No matter the size of your business, We can accommodate your needs. Whether its a single person start up, to a large organsisation, our teams platform is built for you.

Enhanced Features

Kinect Enterprise is our premium product, giving you all the tools you need to enhance your connections. Check out our full features below. Got questions? Get in touch using our live chat.

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Branded Landing Pages

As you enhance your networking tools, it is vital to ensure the continued recognition of your brand. Kinect Enterprise offers a themes editor that enables you to customise your landing pages. You can utilise this feature for expos, services, and sub brands if applicable.

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Tap into your network

lead generation

Our 'Connect' feature enables all employees to gather leads using their Kinect Card. Instruct recipients to click 'Connect' and fill out the lead form. Our system notifies both the card owner and lead that they have connected and stores the lead information in your dashboard.

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Brilliant Insights with


Analytics allow for the tracking of behavior and events, which is not possible with traditional business cards. By monitoring taps, downloads, website hits, and more, real data can provide insights into how your team is networking. Furthermore, this data can be filtered based on custom dates and employees.

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Custom Links

Kinect Card is like no other, you can add custom links to each employees business card. This allows you to go beyond what any traditional business card can do. Add your meeting links, review boards or even payment links all to your Kinect Card. Importantly, the links also download with the contact file, meaning they are accessible after the interaction.

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