What is an NFC Business Card?

What is an NFC Business Card: A Comprehensive Guide

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The concept of NFC business cards is proving to be an ever-popular topic amongst businesses and entrepreneurs. Not only can an NFC business card elevate your company image, by connecting with your audience in an innovative way, you can seemingly reduce your costs of reprinted paper business cards for things such as new starters, email changes, marital name changes and so on, the reason being, most NFC card providers provide software alongside the product, that allows you to update your information your NFC business card shares, in real time.

Long term, NFC business cards give you great value for money, as they can be tapped up to 100 thousand times, edited on the go and reassigned to new people if needed. Kinect cards software, gives you all the tools to centrally manage a team, meaning you can maximise your ROI of your new NFC Business Cards.

What is an NFC Business Card?

 An NFC business card uses technology called Near Field Communication, like the same tech used in Apple Pay and debit cards. At Kinect card, we program that chip to display your digital business card landing page, personalised to you via our software. With our software, you can amend the information on this page at any time.

To display your profile, you simply tap you NFC business card on a compatible device, this will prompt the device to open a web page, which is your personalised landing page. From here, the recipient just clicks save as contact and all of your contact information, social media & website links will download to their contacts.

At Kinect card, we also use QR codes too, this means for any devices not NFC enabled, can simply scan the QR code too, meaning that Kinect card is compatible with every mobile device.

Our NFC business cards come in a variety of materials, such as PVC, Eco Bamboo & even metal hybrid. All our NFC business cards have their chips embedded inside the card, so they are not visible on the face of the card, this means the customisation of the cards are well received.

Are NFC Business Cards worth it?

NFC Business cards are worth it, not only do they offset the need for printing 500 paper cards at a time, just the sheer convenience of always having your business card on you is a huge benefit. Our users on average tap their cards around 100 time per month, so Kinect card pays for itself after around 5 months of usage. For our larger clients, where they may have 500 employees networking with an NFC business Card, they can offset up to 5000 paper business cards per month.

This is a huge benefit for anyone networking with Kinect Card. This also does not take into account, the edits and reallocations our software provides either.

One of our main initiatives though is the ecological impact too. Because Kinect card is reusable and it can be edited anytime, we can save hundreds of thousands of paper business cards being printed every single year. We also donate to a carbon off setting scheme around the world with our partners at Ecologi for every card sold.

How Can I Create a digital business card?

We have you covered with Kinect cards software. Our service is in two parts, your physical NFC Business card and your digital business card, which our software helps you create. This digital business card is referred to as your landing page, you simply share your landing page by tapping your NFC business card.

With our software, you can customise how your page looks with your branding, input your contact information, which includes. 

  • Name
  • Business address
  • Social Links
  • Website Links
  • Email Addresses
  • Land Lines
  • Mobile Numbers
  • Direct Dials
  • Profile Pictures
  • Custom Links!


Custom links allows you to add custom URLs to your business card, for instance, you schedule meeting using Calendly, you can add that to your digital business card! Or, you provide a service and have a stripe checkout link, you can add that to your business card too.

With this innovative feature, you can really go beyond what is expected from a business card and have an NFC business card as innovative as you are.

What is the difference between an NFC business card & a paper business card?

NFC business cards are basically the modernised version of your traditional business card. The main differences and benefits are.

  1. You don’t have to reprint business cards every time you run out- An NFC business card is reusable up to 100 thousand times.
  2. You can edit your details any time- With Kinect cards software, you can edit any information your business card displays in real time, so if you move offices, have a marital name change or have a new job title, you can simply update and get back to networking.
  3. You can capture leads with Kinect card- Kinect card has a connect feature, meaning that you can capture lead information at the point of meeting. Simply ask your recipient to submit the connect form and we will email you their details as a lead, you can also download their contact information from this email too, direct to your device.
  4. Monitor analytics. Have you ever wondered how many business cards have been handed out? Or further than that, how many of those people saved your details, or visited the website? We have you covered, our analytics dashboard provides all of your networking impact in one easy to use web page.
  5. For larger teams, one of the key features is being able to reassign business cards from one user to another. This means you can stop wasting your marketing budget on reprints for new starters and so on. You simply just assign a new employee to a Kinect card, and you have repurposed the NFC business card.

But its not too much of a change.

You can still customise your card with Kinect cards in house design team. We work with you to ensure that your new NFC business Card represents you brand, although you are changing your business cards, it doesn’t mean it should be unrecognisable to your customers.

Once your artwork is submitted, we will provide a digital mock up for you to approve, once approved we will print your cards and ship them, this usually takes 3-5 working days for smaller orders and for larger orders around 10 working days.

How do I create my NFC Business card with Kinect Card?

This is the fun part.

Step one

First, you need to choose a base material for your new business card. The materials we offer are as follows;

  • PVC NFC Business cards
  • Eco Bamboo NFC Business cards
  • Metal Hybrid NFC Business cards

They come in a variety of base colours, so try to pick the right base colour for your brand. If you change your mind later, that’s fine, all of our cards are priced the same in their category, so you can switch bases during the design process.

Step two

You then need to checkout online. Once you have paid for your order online, you will receive an automated email from our design team, requesting your brand assets (Logos, images, Colour schemes) This are all vital for us to create your new business card. Once they have been received, we will work on a digital mock up for you to approve.

This is where you will also gain access to our business card software and start creating your digital business card landing page.

Step Three

This is where your new NFC business card comes to life, the printing process. All our NFC business cards are produced in the UK. We will, print and program your business card and ship it to you via the Royal Mail.


So overall, to answer the question are NFC Business Cards worth it? Yes, they absolutely are! Not only can you have a business card that is designed and branded to your needs, but you can also network in a more modern way. You will simultaneously cut down on your environmental impact, one tap at a time.

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