Digital Business Cards

Novembers FAQ's

In an ever-changing world of everything going digital, we have seen a huge uptake in individuals and organizations alike moving their business cards to a digital solution, such as ourselves.

As we have said many times before, our role starts with an education phase, giving our potential customers the knowledge they need and the confidence to make the move to a business card with NFC, sometimes referred to as a Digital Business Card or Tap Business Card.

In this article, we are going to explore all of this month's FAQs, hopefully providing some helpful content to our new customers!

Q. What is an NFC business card?

A. An NFC business card uses near field communication, commonly found in bank cards and mobile devices too. Kinect Card programs the NFC chip to prompt a mobile device to open your Kinect Card profile on the internet; from there, your contact details can be saved directly to their phone.

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Q. Is it the same as an e-Business Card?

A. Yes, there are so many search terms that our audience uses to find us, and most of them are all pretty much the same. Here is a list of terms used when describing a contactless business card:

  • Digital Business Cards
  • Business Cards NFC
  • NFC Business Card
  • Business Cards with NFC
  • e-Business Card
  • Electronic Business Cards
  • NFC Cards
  • Smart Business Cards
  • Tap Business Cards

The list goes on, but all search terms are related to what Kinect Card offers and NFC Business cards, powered by software that allows users to take their team to a digital business card alternative.

Q. Do you create your business cards in the UK?

A. Yes, Kinect Card is located in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. One of the most searched key phrases that people use to find us is 'Business Cards UK.'

Although we are UK-based, we offer our services globally, and our cards and software have the capability to be used anywhere in the world.

Q. Can Kinect create a metal business card with a QR code?

A. Yes, the metal business card is one of our best sellers. We can create a fully customised metal business card with a laser-engraved QR code. You can view our metal business cards here.

Q. I'm looking for an Eco Business Card, can you help?

A. Absolutely, and why wouldn't you want an eco business card either? Our eco business cards are made from bamboo, and we do offer some other woods too! Bamboo generates at an amazing rate, meaning it's the ideal material for a customization card! It also offers great customisation options, so we can ensure that your brand is always represented well, even on an eco business card.

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Q. What is a Phone Card?

A. A Phone Card is a brilliant accessory that boasts all of the same features as our NFC business cards. It sticks to a phone case using 3M adhesive tape, meaning you will always be ready to connect with your audience. You can fully customize it and it has a QR code printed on it too!

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