ISO Certified NFC Business Cards

We are ISO Certified !

If you are looking for ISO certified NFC Business Cards you have come to the right place! Recently we have been working on implementing a business management system that allows us to effectively manage Quality, Information Security & Environmental management.

We are now finally able to announce that we have received certification on all three business management systems and have ISO 9001, ISO 27001 & ISO 14001 accreditation to our name.

What are ISO standards?

ISO (International Organization for Standardisation) standards are a set of guidelines and specifications that establish requirements for products, services, and processes in order to ensure quality, safety and efficiency. ISO is an independent, non-governmental international organisation that develops and publishes standards for various areas of operation, globally.

The standards that we are now accredited with are testament to our teams commitment. Specifically focussed on Information Security, Quality Management and Environmental management.

This allows us to build a trusted relationship with our customers, assuring them that we are a responsible company that pays specific attention to the quality of our product and service, the protection of their data and what impact our service has on the environment.