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What resources do I need for Kinect?

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Kinect Card is revolutionising how people connect with each other and exchange contact information. Changing to a digital business card provides a more efficient way to update and share your information either using NFC or QR codes, meaning you can reach out to new business associates in a more modern and effective way.

However, to use an NFC business card, there are a few resources you will need to ensure that the technology works like an internet connection or 3G/4G/5G, an NFC enabled mobile phone, an NFC business card from Kinect Card and a camera to scan our QR codes.

Internet Connection

Connecting your device to the internet or data connection is essential to allow you to access the tools required for the contactless business card to work. Without either the Internet, 3G, 4G or 5G connection a mobile device will. struggle to open your Kinect Card profile. Thankfully, our users have minimal reports of this circumstance arising.

NFC Enabled mobile phone

Most mobile devices from 2015 / 2016 have NFC technology. Apple devices have what is know as background tag reading, meaning that they do not need any NFC settings to be managed. Some Android devices may need the NFC function to be enabled in the settings menu.

A Kinect Digital Business Card

The way that you can share your information with potential business contacts is by using a Kinect business card. All Kinect cards are NFC enabled with the support of QR codes too. By simply tapping your card on an NFC enabled device, your Kinect profile will display for the recipient to download.

A QR Code

As a supporting tool, all Kinect cards also have a unique QR code printed on them, this means if you do come in to contact with an older device, the recipient can simply scan the QR code to open your Kinect Card profile and then they can download your information.