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When it comes to choosing between a teams software like Kinect Enterprise or a The Kinect Card mobile app, it can be difficult to decide. Both have their own unique advantages and disadvantages.

Kinect Enterprise allows you to manage a team centrally via a web application. The main benefit is its advanced features such as dynamic profiles, customised landing pages and the ability to repurpose cards to different members of staff. However the enterprise system does have an annual subscription. of £11.99 per card per year plus the one off card cost.

The mobile app is a solution designed for individuals, allowing them to keep their contact information up to date, unlimited edits and the ability to share their QR code via the app. The app empowers you to adopt a smarter solution to traditional business cards. There is no annual fee for the Kinect card App.

The downside to the mobile app is you cannot centrally manage other team members, the profile is non customisable and does not have some of the more premium features found on Kinect Enterprise.

Ultimately, the decision between a teams software or a mobile app designed just for you comes down to your specific needs and goals. Consider what type personalisation you need in order to make an informed decision that will help you reach your desired outcome quickly and efficiently.

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