Stop wasting money on paper cards

Upgrade your team to a digital business card

Say goodbye to printing thousands of paper business cards per year. With Kinect Card, you can upgrade your teams networking with one reusable and editable digital business card.

If your business is serious about making lasting impressions, you can simply tap your Kinect Card to share your details, capture leads, customise your landing pages and view your analytics.

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Best NFC Business cards For Teams

One Customisable NFC Business card

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Digital Business cards for teams

the benefits of a NFC Business Card

For Teams

At Kinect Card we specialise in a digital business card solution for teams. Our Software, Kinect Enterprise acts as a CRM for your business cards. Here you can effectively edit employee details ensuring your teams contact information is up to date.

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Stop reprinting paper cards

Kinect Card supplies your team with a NFC business cards and the software that powers them. this allows you to edit, assign and update your Kinect Card anytime. Meaning you will never print a pepper card again!

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Repurpose to new employees

With our innovative business card software, you can repurpose cards from one employee to another. This minimises wasted spend on uneeded business cards moving forward, maximising your ROI.

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Capture Leads in real time

Your digital business card is capable of many things, including lead generation. Our exchange contact feature allows recipients to submit their detail back to the card owner, capturing leads in real time.

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insists with Analytics

For data lead businesses analytics prove a valuable insight into your teams networking. Our Analytics dashboard reports who is networking, when and what other interactions they are generating like website and social visits.

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The process

How to upgrade today

Book a call with a teams expert

Here we can discuss your needs in further details, show you the benefits of Kinect Card and how we can optimise our NFC Business Card solution for your business.