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Kinect Card X Hanson Plywood


Hanson Plywood have recently deployed Kinect card to their sales team to increase their networking efficiency, whilst still creating a lasting impression.

In the dynamic business landscape, companies strive for innovative solutions that align with sustainability objectives. Hanson Plywood have contributed towards this, embracing Kinect's NFC digital business cards. This case study delves into Hanson's experience with Kinect's teams solution, spotlighting its impact on networking, eco-consciousness, and overall effectiveness within their team.

Elevating Environmental Sustainability

Hanson's unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability and operational efficiency fueled the adoption of Kinect's NFC business cards. As a company dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint, Hanson recognised the potential of these cards to stop ongoing printing expenses and paper wastage inherent in traditional business cards. Embracing reusable and eco-friendly options, such as NFC business cards, mirrored Hanson's pursuit of sustainability without compromising how their team connect with their audience.

Revolutionising Networking with NFC Business Cards 

The incorporation of Kinect's NFC digital business cards changed how Hanson's sales team approached networking in the UK. Hanson's team really engaged with the inclusion of a leaderboard for scans, proving a strong engagement engagement among colleagues. Moreover, the NFC technology facilitated effortless sharing of the company's information with potential clients, simplifying the connection process and promoting accessible networking. This approach aligns seamlessly with Hanson's continuous quest for creative avenues to facilitate customer interaction.

NFC Business Cards as a Catalyst for Sustainability

Hanson's decision to integrate Kinect's solution showcased an undeniable focus on  their sustainability goals. By cutting the need for frequent business card printing, Hanson successfully mitigated their environmental impact while saving on ongoing printing expenses. 

Amplifying Business Effectiveness through NFC Technology 

Hanson's presence at industry events and exhibitions held paramount importance in their marketing strategy. Kinect's NFC business cards emerged as valuable tool in such scenarios. Attendees at these events could conveniently access contact information by simply tapping their NFC-enabled devices on the cards. Additionally, the leads feature of the NFC cards streamlined post-event engagement, enabling Hanson's staff to efficiently follow up with prospective clients.

Leveraging Key Features for Optimal Results 

Hanson derived substantial benefits from Kinect's NFC digital business cards, particularly through the leads feature. This tool facilitated seamless post-event interactions with generated leads, ensuring that potential business opportunities were fully harnessed. The leads feature demonstrated the versatility and value of Kinects software, particularly in real-world applications, amplifying Hanson's post-event engagement strategy.


Quality, Design, and User-Friendly Eco Business Cards 

Hanson's endorsement of Kinect's NFC business cards extended beyond their advanced features. The quality of the eco-friendly bamboo cards resonated with Hanson's dedication to sustainability alongside the products and service. The design's aligned perfectly with the company's marketing principles. The user-friendly nature of the cards gathered positive feedback from the sales team, affirming successful transition.

An Exceptional Experience with Kinect 

Rebecca Walshe, From Hanson Plywood quoted

"It has been a very good service, Tom in particular was so quick to book me in for a demo and it was a very easy decision from management to switch to these cards. The set up process was also very efficient and the support to help make this an easy transition from the Kinect team was brilliant'

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