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Introducing Kinect Enterprise

The central management dashboard for all of your contactless business cards.

With our Kinect Enterprise software, you can move forward with confidence, whilst implementing a contactless business card solution within your team.

The platform allows you to manage all of your employees from one central management system, allowing edits to be made in seconds. Our software makes it easy to manage data displayed on your cards, with a user friendly interface.

All of our business cards are NFC enabled and are also supported by QR codes printed on the reverse of each card.

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Our customers

Proud to supply…

Customise your landing page with themes

Ensure that your brand identity is fluent across all of your tools. The themes manager allows you to create stunning landing pages, including customisable wallpapers and the removal of Kinect Card branding.

Monitor performance with enhanced analytics

The new analytics dashboard gives you a realtime overview of your networking. Our system records every tap, download, website hit and social hits.

Monitor the top networkers within the business with our leaderboard.

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Expand your network with the 'connect' feature

Growing your network is easy with the 'connect' feature. Simply ask your contact to exchange information from your landing page. From there, we will assign this as a new lead in your Kinect Enterprise dashboard.

This means new contacts data is stored and owned by the company, rather than with the employee.

Go beyond what you would expect, with custom URL's

Unique to our enterprise customers, the custom URL feature allows you to create unlimited call to action buttons linked to external urls.

You can now link your meeting links, reviews, store and payment links all to your business card using this tool.

Features overview

Tap to activate icon-01.png

Tap into your


Share your details with just one tap, with NFC technology

QR Icon-01.png

Supported by

QR codes

Not every device is NFC compatible. We have that covered with QR code support

Print Icon-01.png

All printing costs are included

Gone are the days of minimum orders and additional charges for UV gloss

Centrally Managed Icon-01.png

A central management dashboard

Centrally manage your contactless business cards

Employee Icon-01.png

Create employee profiles

Create employee profiles individually or bulk upload with a csv.

Edit Icon-01.png

Unlimited edits, in real time

Edit details at any time with instant updates

Custom Link Icon-01.png

Custom links to any page

Add meeting links, sign up forms and lead generation forms to any card

Locations Icon-01.png

Limitless locations 

around the world

Manage all of your office locations on one system

Team Icon-01.png

Introducing teams

Group your employees into teams for easy administration

Themes Icon-01.png

Customise your look


Manage your branding with our themes editor and create unlimited themes

Analytics Icon-01.png

Data analytics

Check the usage and engagement levels of your team using our analytical dashboard

Lead Gen Icon-01.png

Lead generation


Your audience can leave a form submission from your profile with their enquiry

Move forward with confidence

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ISO 9001 Insta.png
ISO 14001 Insta.png

"Great software makes the complex appear simple."

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Our Pledge

As part of our commitment to a more sustainable future for us all. We have partnered with Ecologi to help us become a climate positive workforce and business.

As part of this partnership, we pledge that for every user on our Kinect Enterprise Software we will plant 8 trees on behalf of your business in our Kinect Card Forest.

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